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19th-20th April – The Bridge Inn (Pateley Bridge)
26th-27th April – The Balcony (Harrogate Cricket Club)

Freshly prepared food using local ingredients and suppliers

I have spent my entire career as a chef, learning from the best and travelling the world. The Orient has always been a favourite of mine. The culture, markets, people and of course the food.

I would frequent the street food vendors, where I would offer to cook with the locals in exchange for authentic recipes. Recipes that I can now share with everyone.

This is what the Asian Street Food Shack is all about.


Please inform us of any allergies when placing your order

Food allergens and intolerances: Please speak to a member of staff about the ingredients of any of the dishes before placing your order. We follow good hygiene practices in our kitchen, however whilst a dish may not identify a specific allergen as an actual ingredient. Due to the wide range of ingredients used in our kitchen, foods may be at risk of cross contamination by other ingredients or during transportation in both producers and suppliers. We urge you to inform us when placing your order as we do use peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and other ingredients that may cause serious harm to you.



Venue: The Brew Society
Address: 26 Aire Street, Leeds, LS14HT
Opening hours Wednesdays to Saturdays- 4-9pm

Please inform us of any allergies when placing your order

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